BreastAware Australia provides education to the community on breast cancer awareness through workshops at schools, corporate and groups of women and men
The organisation was founded by Maralyn Young in 2013.

During her many years working with women affected by breast cancer Maralyn could see the need for more awareness regarding the importance of early detection of breast cancer and the need to educate women on how to minimise the risk of losing their breasts and or life to breast cancer.

Educating on the importance of taking control of their own health and wellbeing. Reminding women that a clear breast screen test or an ok from the doctor does not necessarily mean you should stop examining their own breasts.

Learning correct Breast Self Examination (BSE) procedures will help reduce the number of women losing their breasts and their lives to breast cancer.

While there are many organizations creating awareness and raising funds for breast cancer research and caring for women post breast cancer, Maralyn felt there was not enough done in regard to prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

Until such times that we have a cure for cancer we need to focus on the prevention.


Through education relating to lifestyle, diet, exercise and regular breast checks we can minimise the risks of women developing breast cancer and minimise the risk of losing their breast and/or life from breast cancer through early detection.

BreastAware is a not-for-profit community organisation led by a voluntary Board of Directors based in the Illawarra NSW.

We are driven by our values respect, accountability, compassion and integrity.

With knowledge we can tilt the scales in our favour and change statistics

Breastaware is a self-funded organisation dependent completely on the generosity of individuals and organisations.


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