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Bra Size Chart

Over 80% of women are still wearing the wrong size bra, the wrong shape bras or old non supportive bras that have lost their elasticity. Ill fitting bras cause sagging, discomfort, back and neck pain, bruising etc and just look awful.

Measuring with a tape measure usually only work up to D cup. So the following bra size chart is only a general guide, sizes can vary from one brand to another if you need any help regarding sizing please give us a call as we have qualified fitters in house. These are a general guidelines for establishing a good starting point, sizes will vary depending on what style of bra you are wearing.


Finding Your Bra Band Size

Bra measurements should be taken while wearing a bra. The measuring tape should be held snug but not tight while measuring. Begin by wearing your best fitting bra – unpadded and not a minimizer or sports bra. Measure around the back under the Arm Pits across top part of bust, which gives you your band size.

E.G. 38″ USA which is equal to Size 16 (Refer chart below)

USA 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54
AUST 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32

Finding Your Bra Cup Size

Measure around the high point or fullest point of the bustline while wearing a bra.

If you measure 43 Inches subtract this from your band measurement.

Example Band Size e.g. 38″ – 43″ = 5 Inches = DD Cup Size (refer chart below).

Difference Standard Cup Size
0″-1/2″ (1.3cm) AA
1/2″-1″ (2.6cm) A
2″ (5.1cm) B
3″ (7.6cm) C
4″ (10.2cm) D
5″ (12.7cm) DD
6″ (15.2cm) E
7″ (17.8cm) F
8″ (20.3cm) FF
9″ (22.9cm) G
10″ (25.4cm) H
11″ (27.5cm) I
12″ (30.1cm) J