Special night out, family wedding, school reunion or just party time so you want to be able to go out in your new dress looking great and feeling confident there will be no wardrobe malfunctions or that you will not spend your time readjusting your underwear, for example hitching down the uncomfortable briefs that keep creeping, hitching up the strapless bra that keeps slipping down and trying to poke in the odd breast tissue that keeps popping out in unwanted places.

Here are a few tips and lingerie essentials to ensure your night is memorable for all the right reasons.

Strapless Bra

If you need to wear a strap less or convertible bra invest in a good brand that actually holds the breast, supports and does not slip down. There are many brands on the market but the best one I have found is the Beautiful Triumph Silhouette strapless bra.This popular Triumph strapless bra features an elegant Swarovski diamante crown motif at the centre. Based on a well loved shape, this bra comes with smooth, molded cups combined with detachable and convertible straps for that special occasion.
Seam free brief
Nothing looks worse than a nice slinky dress or slim fitting slack showing a very obvious panty line. There are many varieties of seam free briefs available, laser cut are the best option for a smooth finish on leg edge, it’s always good to have both black and nude so you are ready for any occasion however colours are also a nice alternative to the basics. Of course it depends on the outfit you are wearing.

Nude Slip

Warmer weather is far more comfortable with lighter weight fabrics, but these fabrics (even in darker colours) can be quite transparent, especially on a bright sunny day or night lights shining from behind you. Having a nude slip can prevent embarrassing exposure, and if you choose wisely it won’t add too much weight or heat. A simple nude slip will skim the body without adding bulk under slim dresses. Free of adornments, it won’t ruin the look or line of your summer frocks. Most have adjustable straps and plenty of stretch which makes the slip comfortable and well-fitting.

Double sided tape

Miracle Tape the best apparel tape on the market! Strong, clear, hypoallergenic, doubt-stick apparel tape that keeps your clothes in place. Use to secure necklines, fix hems, hide bra straps, or whatever else comes to mind. A great product to have on hand in case of a fashion emergency.

Clear straps

Fashion straps are the latest trend and a must have in any lingerie wardrobe. The huge variety of fashion straps includes coloured, beaded, glitter, sequinned and printed silicone styles. All look great with casual tops and/or formal wear. So, whether you’re out to make a statement with your outfit or just having fun, there’s a Fashion Strap set just for you.

Nipple Covers

Nipple Covers mould to your breast shape and stay in place with an enhanced adhesive. They’re ideal for creating a smooth and discreet look under sheer or clingy tops as well as topless tanning! So, whether you’re looking to have fun in the sun or covering up for a chilly night out on the town, nipple covers are the perfect solution! Silicone Nipple Covers are reusable, but NOT waterproof.

Silicone Sole Cushions

Designed to prevent burning pain in the balls of your feet, Perfect Feet™ feature a unique hypoallergenic gel composite that actually cushions feet. The non-slip grip and discreet appearance means that you can confidently and comfortably shop all day and dance the night away in your favourite shoes.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin plump and hydrated
  • Eat before you drink alcohol
  • Don’t drink and drive.

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Maralyn Young
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