I am looking at my customer in the dressing room mirror waiting for her to say omg that bra looks amazing as I have just lifted her very large breast off her waist into a very beautiful structured bra that lifts separates makes her look 10kgs lighter and 10 years younger and what does she say. What are these bits?

“These bits” NO 1.

These are the bulging bits of flesh between the breast and armpit. You can be thin, voluptuous, small busted or large busted, young or older and still have these bits. Not every women has this problem but believe me if I had a dollar for every women that said to me “what about these bits” I would be rich.

It is a very common problem and can usually be fixed by wearing a bra that is higher in the cup, but that is not always desirable atheistically and can sometimes cause discomfort under the armpit.
Sometimes loosening the bra strap can minimise the bulge but this can also compromise the lift. However the best solution is a choosing a bra that is right for your body shape.

One of the main causes is ageing. Sometimes we just have to accept that our bodies change, even if we didn’t have the problem previously. As we get older our body parts take on a mind of their own, we get bulges in places we never had before, our breast tissue gets softer and starts to lose its oomph, our skin has less elasticity and so it gets harder to make them do what you want.

You push it up in one place and it pops out in another. I think scooping and gathering is a good description. Which means, we need to look at ways to minimise the effects of body changes? As we grow older the style and shape of our bra needs to change along with our changing body shape and as much as we may be in denial that this could not be happening to me and I am still the same size as I have always been.

This may be the case, you still may be a 12d or a 16c whatever the case may be but you have probably noticed you are not looking the same and these bras are not as flattering as they once were. It’s time for a makeover/refit.

“These bits” NO 2.

Back Fat is the other annoying thing we have to deal with. A properly fitting bra is the key to a smooth back. Here are three strategies to prevent bra-induced bulge:

  • Make sure the band fits snugly (you should be able to slide only one finger underneath it) and sits low under your shoulder blades.
  • When the band is too large, the bra rides up in the back, which creates roll, when the band is too tight it causes excessive bulging.
  • The band should fit perfectly on the loosest hook, since the bra will inevitably stretch out.
  • Look for a bra with a band that is wide under the arms and across the back to help hold in soft flesh, the closure should have a row of two or three hooks, not one hook.

There are many back smoothing bras on the market to help with this problem for example the Berlie smoothing range gives a lovely smooth back with wider sides that also helps with the bits in front of the arm.

To ensure the best outcome for whatever your problem have a fitting by an experienced professionally trained fitter with a great product knowledge, this will give you the best results.

Maralyn Young