We all have them in our lingerie drawer, that really comfortable bra that you just throw on each day. You don’t really look at it or check if it is still functioning as it should, it’s just a bra, it covers the girls, and it still looks good.

So how do we know when a bra is past it’s used by date? How long should a bra last I hear you say.

Well that depends on many things…

  • How many bras you have
  • How often you rotate them
  • How you care for them
  • How you store them
  • The fit of your Bra
  • The Quality of the Bra

You can’t expect a long life from a bra if you are wearing the same bra every day just because it is your favourite, this does not give the bra a chance to rest and the elastics will give out much sooner.

When you are very large in the bust there is a lot more strain on the bra and will result in a shorter life span. 6 to 12 months however I have seen them last up to 2 years.

Usually a good quality bra correctly worn, laundered and stored could last a couple of years.

So recapping on my previous posts, I talked about washing and storing bras to extend the life of your bra but how do you know when it is time to put them in the bin other than the obvious that it is falling apart.
The main purpose of a bra is to support your breasts so even if the bra looks ok it may not be doing its job.

4 reasons to dump your bra:

  • Bra band not fitting snugly around your back causing the bra to ride up.
  • Shoulder straps are no longer holding firm and allowing your breasts to sag.
  • If you have gained weight and your breast tissue is bulging out of the cup.
  • If you have lost weight and the bra is too big and not giving you the support and look you need.
  • A correctly fitting bra should fit as per image 1and 2


A correctly fitted bra should fit as per image 1 and 2:

Incorrectly fitted bra images 3, 4 & 5:

Choosing the right bra should not be left to chance. An experienced certified bra fitter will advise you on what size, shape and style is perfect for your body shape, age and needs. Choosing a good quality bra will extend the working life of the bra and is more economical in the long term.

Maralyn Young