Hi, I am new to the world of blogging so please bear with me, I have been a Fitter for many years and have lots of knowledge, thoughts and wonderful memories all wanting to come out of the brain vault. They may not always be in the right order at first but here goes. 

A person wanting to be a BFP ( Bra Fitting Professional)  doesn’t take a University Degree as a chosen career offer in year 12,  as there isn’t one.  There are studies, courses, exam’s and lots of training followed by certification, but when I was ten and looking out the school window thinking of what I will be when I grow up,  I wasn’t dreaming off being a BFP.   For some, the career comes as advertised job vacancy, others a recommendation from a friend or family member or your own special needs interests you in the career. In my case, my career was offered to me by my very special sister, from her training, experience and incredible passion for her craft I am now a qualified, certified, proud Bra and Post Mastectomy Fitting Specialist. ( BFP).

This may not seem much to some, but we have a HUGH responsibility to assist our clients to choose the right bra or products that suit their needs. Our days can be filled with many challenges and wonderful experiences.  One of those highlights was when a young teenage girl, who spends her days in a wheel chair,  came to me for help because she wanted to look and feel young, beautiful and even sexy, just like all the other girls. Now it is no longer just a job but a challenging and rewarding career. 

My thoughts now take over, YOU must do this for her! YOUR trained to fit her! YOUR trained to know how each bra from all the different companies work to achieve that look even while sitting. Being in a sedentary position changes the whole ball game as to how her bra is going to fit. You need a bra that’s not going to dig into her rib cage from the underwire, it will still need to give lift to round out the fullness of her cleavage however low she wishes to wear her clothes. It can’t be too high under the arms as that will rub constantly, a sitting position may make you lean forward, so the straps need to be adjustable to keep the lift and the girls pointing in the forward position. You even discover other obstacles during the fitting process. These are overcome by your up to date training in new and existing products. Now starts the process of selecting the perfect bra by establish her correct size, what colours she likes, any special detail she may have.  You only have about 500 give or take a few styles in your store to choose from, but your trained to know the difference. She is relying on you.

My training kicked in and after an enjoyable time with her, she has the perfect garments, and the reward is seeing the change in her demeanor, she is now smiling from ear to ear, sitting with her head up and chest out, showing of her new look with confidence.  That! does something to the heart strings and makes this career very necessary and rewarding. 

All the Trained Professionals at CasaMia feel the same way.  I will share more wonderful snippets the future,  till then have your own special fitted experience at CasaMia, it could make you feel like she did.

Deana Purdy.

Maralyn Young
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