Caring for Moulded Bras

Today’s fashion dictates what we wear underneath. Choosing the correct underwear will make all the difference to how your outer garments look. The right bra will compliment that new outfit. Or give a boost to that old limp top.

Whatever the outfit you should start with the right undergarments to achieve the maximum positive results

The most popular bra choice for to-days fashion is the everyday smooth moulded contour bra. This bra simply disappears under that slinky dress, sheer blouses and smooth figure hugging T shirts and is an absolute must to add to your collection of bras

However nothing looks worse than a moulded bra that has lost its shape and smoothness, this happens when the foam or moulded insert has broken down causing rippling and indentations. This can be caused by incorrect laundering and storage.


Firstly never wash your underwear in a washing machine or use a Clothes dryer.  Bras are delicates and should be washed by hand. The heat from the dryer will break down the fibres and shorten the life of your bras.


Storing your moulded bras in the correct way will help keep the smooth texture and prolong the shape and contour of the bra. Never fold the bra cup inside each other as per Image 2.

Continual turning of cups inside out will cause fibres to break down and cause rippling

When storing bras in your lingerie drawer place bras inside each other as per Image 1.

If you only have a few bras place socks or undies inside the cups for added support and do the same when packing your suitcase for holidays. Also makes for very tidy bra drawer.

 Image 2     Never fold moulded bras over and turn cup inside out.

Maralyn Young