CareFix Post-Op Bra Alice

By Carefix


Alice is intended for post-surgical use after breast surgery. The main function of Alice is to protect, fixate and support the breasts, assist in speedy wound healing and secure optimum comfort. It is medical device for post-surgical use after breast surgery.

Precautions: If you have any questions regarding use and correct fitting, please consult your doctor or nurse. Make sure that any bandages and/or drainage tubes underneath the bra are placed correctly to avoid pressure points and/or obstructed flow from the drainage tubes. For breast augmentations, a stabilizer band for breast implants may also be required. Consult your doctor or surgeon before use. Always follow the surgeon’s recommendations. The bra must be removed during radiotherapy treatment, as it contains metal parts. If any unexpected discomfort, wound irritation or similar occurs, please consult your doctor or nurse.

To find the correct size of your bra, always measure yourself, while wearing an unpadded bra. Two measurements are important: The band size (below your breast) and the bust size.

This is how you measure correctly

1. Measure around your body, just under your breast (band size)
2. Measure around your body, at the fullest part of the breast (bust size)
The difference between these two measurements gives the cup size:

10 - 12 cm = Cup AA
12 - 14 cm = Cup A
14 - 16 cm = Cup B
16 - 18 cm = Cup C
18 - 20 cm = Cup D
20 - 22 cm = Cup E

Please note
Carefix advises to measure yourself after your surgery, but since most patients need to have their bra with them by the time of their surgery, they suggest that you can still measure before your surgery. Simply find the size you fall under using the above graph, then go up one or two sizes to account for the possible swelling. For less compression go up 2 sizes, for more compression go up one size.