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Bra Size Phobia

I know it seems like I keep harping on the same old subject of correct bra fitting, but incredibly there are still 85 % of women wearing the wrong size bra! Maria was wearing a 16c however after being correctly fitted she was told her true size was 12 DD. In all my...

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How To Prevent Underwear Bloopers

Summer is here and by now you have replaced your long sweaters and long sleeve shirts for light summer dresses shorts and tanks so it’s also time to change your lingerie to flatter your summer wardrobe. So often I see ladies in beautiful slinky strap dresses and the...

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Christmas Shopping & Gift Ideas

It is that time of year again where you have that very difficult decision…. What do I buy for the special women in our lives for Christmas. Be it your Sister, Mother, Girlfriend, Wife or other the decision gets harder every year! You could buy the same old common...

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What Causes Breast Sagging?

Without a doubt, one of the top breast complaints among women is sagging. We all deal with it to some degree eventually. But still, why does it happen? And furthermore, is there anything we can do about it? If it seems like your bust is battling gravity more than ever...

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What About These Bits?

I am looking at my customer in the dressing room mirror waiting for her to say omg that bra looks amazing as I have just lifted her very large breast off her waist into a very beautiful structured bra that lifts separates makes her look 10kgs lighter and 10 years...

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Is your bra past its used by date?

We all have them in our lingerie drawer, that really comfortable bra that you just throw on each day. You don’t really look at it or check if it is still functioning as it should, it’s just a bra, it covers the girls, and it still looks good. So how do we know when a...

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Are you making the most of your figure?

Because of my profession it is hard not to look at and notice women’s boobs. And it is hard not to notice when they are wearing a very bad fitting bra or a bra with no support. Often I can see a lot of bulging or the single boob look when girls are trying to minimise...

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Does Size Really Matter?

This question is common between both men and women. The reality is that breast size does matter. One of the truly mystical phenomena of the universe is the heterosexual male’s attraction to female breast. Our obsession with breasts is inescapable. Everywhere you look...

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