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Bra Fitting & Post Mastectomy Specialists

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Does your bra drawer look like this?

  Caring for Moulded Bras Today’s fashion dictates what we wear underneath. Choosing the correct underwear will make all the difference to how your outer garments look. The right bra will compliment that new outfit. Or give a boost to that old limp top. Whatever the...

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Thank You From Fiji

Women in Fiji and the surrounding Islands do not have access to good fitting bras, maternity bras or mastectomy bras and breast forms. Most local women are unable to afford the luxury of a new bra and certainly not a $400 breast form. Many of the local women have...

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The Role Of A Professional Bra Fitter

Ask any bra fitter about their favourite part of their job and they’ll likely say it’s the moment of joy that comes from helping a woman find a bra that truly fits. Bra fitting is one of the most rewarding jobs out there, but it does come with its own unique set of...

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Bra Size Phobia

I know it seems like I keep harping on the same old subject of correct bra fitting, but incredibly there are still 85 % of women wearing the wrong size bra! Maria was wearing a 16c however after being correctly fitted she was told her true size was 12 DD. In all my...

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How To Prevent Underwear Bloopers

Summer is here and by now you have replaced your long sweaters and long sleeve shirts for light summer dresses shorts and tanks so it’s also time to change your lingerie to flatter your summer wardrobe. So often I see ladies in beautiful slinky strap dresses and the...

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Christmas Shopping & Gift Ideas

It is that time of year again where you have that very difficult decision…. What do I buy for the special women in our lives for Christmas. Be it your Sister, Mother, Girlfriend, Wife or other the decision gets harder every year! You could buy the same old common...

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What Causes Breast Sagging?

Without a doubt, one of the top breast complaints among women is sagging. We all deal with it to some degree eventually. But still, why does it happen? And furthermore, is there anything we can do about it? If it seems like your bust is battling gravity more than ever...

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