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Plus Size Information


Do you have trouble finding that perfect bra? The one that actually fits your body shape, the one that is comfortable and doesn’t look like a granny bra?

Our mission is to educate women on the importance and benefits of being fitted by an experienced qualified fitter and provide all women with correctly fitted bras that are beautiful, comfortable and affordable without sacrificing the quality.

When we talk about fuller figure we are talking about 3 different body shapes

  • Small Back Large Cup  8 to 12 back D to J cup
  • Large back Small cups 16 to 26 back. A to C cup
  • Large back Large cup 16 to 32 back D to K cup

When you are fuller in the cup it is so important to have your breast fully supported so the strain is taken off the top of the breast. The breast is made up of muscle, tissue, fat and ligaments which, if not supported will stretch and break causing sagging of the breast tissue which is permanent. So prevention is paramount. Not only is it important that your bra be fitted correctly, it is important that you wear the bra correctly buy placing and positioning your breast correctly inside the cup, also having the correct tension on the shoulder straps so the breast is lifted to its natural position ( not over lifted )as this will stretch the underbust  ligaments.

So Ladies if you want to keep those girls perky and lifted. Don’t let them hang.

If it’s too late and the girls are already heading south point them in the right direction and avoid any further damage.


Teens to 30s

As the younger female population seems to be developing larger breast, there is more need to provide bras that are younger looking, trendy, low cut, moulded and uplifting balconette styles. These can be worn with little singlet cami tops and low dresses while giving great support and comfort. Our Range’s of Freya, Zabu, Curvy Kate and parfait are perfect for the young and young at heart.


Full Figured

It is always a challenge for women with a fuller bust to find a bra that lifts, supports, is comfortable, and looks great. It is very important to only wear bra’s that have been professionally fitted to suit your body shape and size.

In the last 10 years Bra manufacturers have come a long way in developing bras for the fuller figure. There is a large range of underwire and wire free bra’s to suit all shapes and sizes.

Fayerform, Elomi, Triumph, Berlie, Curvy Kate, Fantasy, are just a few of the brands that make beautiful structured bras for the fuller figure.


It is true that large breasts cause health problems.

These issues have been documented by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and psychologists.

All women will complain of backaches at some point in their lives.

Women are constantly bending, lifting, and twisting. And with a couple of large breasts pulling you forward and you’re almost guaranteed a backache.

Our back is constantly fighting to keep us upright.

Some of us make backaches even worse by slouching our shoulders, either because of poor posture, laziness, or we’re trying to make our bustline seem smaller.

Which is understandable, we’re already self conscious of our breasts and we’re expected to throw back our shoulders and stick out our chest all in the name of good posture!

But yes, you most definitely should!!  Because.

  • Poor Posture can cause your back to ’round’.
  • You’ll look ten pounds lighter if you stand up straight.
  • Your back and neck will feel better and become stronger.


Painful Shoulder indentions are another one of the health problems that can result from large breasts. Shoulder grooves are caused by the weight of the breasts pulling the straps of the bra into the shoulders. It Hurts!

This condition is often not permanent and can be remedied by wearing the right sized bra. The proper bra will support the bust and not rely solely on the straps to hold up the breasts

  • Neck pain is often caused by the strain on the shoulders.
  • Weight from the breasts (and shoulder grooves) cause tension and stress to tighten and fatigue the neck muscles.
  • Ill-fitting bras do not support breasts properly, leading to shoulder grooves, which in turn leads to neck pain, which can bring on headaches and migraines. It’s a vicious cycle of painful health problems.